Special sessions

SS1.    Regional and country based LCA networks: What exists and how do they work?

In continuation of the special session on LCA networks at SETAC Milan 2011, the special network session in Copenhagen will focus on the possible role of LCA networks in facilitating:

  • multi-stakeholder and multi-region collaboration by connecting  individual actors and countries
  • life cycle oriented approaches in sustainable product development
  • knowledge sharing and further application of life cycle thinking

The opening presentation at the special session will be a presentation of a comprehensive mapping of LCA-networks conducted ultimo 2011 and primo 2012 by Technical University of Denmark.

Chair: Paolo Masoni, ENEA, Italy 
Co-chair: Sonia Valdivia, UNEP, Paris 

SS2.    Teaching sustainability – paving the way to a common understanding and meaningful actions

Many aspects of sustainability have found their way into teaching at universities and continuous professional education, and many scientists are actively engaged in this process. This session aims to provide a platform for

  • exchange of experiences, methods, and inspiration regarding the teaching of sustainability in a life cycle perspective with a focus on the university level, continuous professional education, and broad societal communication (e.g. via labels, or the media).          

The session will include both platform presentations as well as a roundtable discussion.

Chair: Ralph Rosenbaum, DTU, Denmark
Co-chair: Stig Irving Olsen, DTU Denmark