Social programme

Symposium dinner on 27 November - SOLD OUT

In the free town of Christiania a restaurant called Spiseloppen (or The Dinner Flea in English) has been booked. The restaurant is run and owned by the collective of Christiania since 23 years. The restaurant is widely recognized by Copenhageners for serving excellent food with good season ingredients.

The restaurant has a maximum capacity of 160 guests, and to monitor the number of participants only online dinner registrations through the SETAC system are accepted.

As a special treat, a rock band will entertain during/after dinner, and we cannot rule out the possibility of special LCA guest performers.

We hope to see all of you in Spiseloppen/The Dinner Flea.

About the free town of Christiania:

You will be in for an interesting experience when you enter the free town of Christiania, with its creative and alternative building designs. Christiania is a self-proclaimed autonomous neighborhood established in an abandoned military area and military buildings. It has approx. 850 residents in 85 acres of land only a few km from the inner city of Copenhagen. The area has a unique status and is regulated by the special Christiania Law of 1989.