Interactive events

In addition to the conventional oral and poster sessions the scientific programme is supplemented by following interactive events:

1.    Ecodesign session   

A multidisciplinary session where participants will work with analysis of a given product and with synthesis of improvement solutions. We will work with a concrete product, potentially donated by a company. Focus will be on open discussions and collective learning of key factors. The format of the session will depend on the number of participants.

A full description of the session, including details of the programme and practicalities, can be downloaded here. 

Required materials: Non-mandatory background reading can be found here.

Session chair/moderator: Niki Bey, DTU, Denmark

Registration: Registration is only possible through this link. During the registration we will kindly ask you to answer three survey questions. Registration is free, but for feasibility reasons the number of participants is limited.

2.    Life Cycle market place

  • Computer tool café for software tools and hands on demonstration
  • Environmental labelling, certification and documentation: Old and new concepts
  • Student project bank: Deposit a project idea to find a project partner among university students – the interest can be high!
  • Further market place activities are being planned.