Scientific programme

The scientific programme is composed of 14 regular sessions, 2 special sessions, 2 workshops and 2 interactive events. Thanks to the large interest gained by the Symposium, 103 oral presentations and 96 poster presentations are scheduled in the programme for regular and special sessions.


The programme, information for presenters, and abstracts can be downloaded here.

Special invited presentation

Dr Michele Galatola from the European Commission, DG Environment, Sustainable Production and Consumption Unit is giving an invited presentation in plenum shortly after the opening of the Symposium on Monday 26 November, between 13:00 and 14:00.

The topic of the presentation will be: Environmental Footprint - the environmental footprint guidelines based on the life cycle approach - status on the development of the harmonised European methodology for the calculation of products and companies Environmental Footprint.

Regular sessions

A total of 14 regular sessions are scheduled, among which 11 will include oral presentations:

  • Carbon footprinting
  • Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment
  • LCA of energy systems
  • Non-carbon footprints
  • Life Cycle Management and Stakeholder involvement
  • LCA in infrastructure, building and waste management sectors
  • Tools and new approaches for sustainability assessment
  • Sustainability of nanotechnologies and nanomaterials
  • Sustainability of bio-based products and biotechnologies
  • Social Life Cycle Assessment
  • LCA of transportation and communication
  • LCA of food products
  • Sustainability of materials and manufacturing technologies
  • Guidelines and standardisation in LCA

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Special sessions

The SETAC LCA Case Study Symposium will also include the following two special sessions:

  • SS1. LCA networks: What exists and how do they work?
  • SS2. Teaching sustainability: Paving the way to a common understanding and meaningful actions

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